An olive oil sommelier is a professional who has received specialized training and certification in evaluating and selecting high-quality olive oil. Like a wine sommelier, an olive oil sommelier is an expert in identifying the unique characteristics and flavors of different types of olive oil and can offer recommendations on pairing them with food.

Olive oil sommeliers are trained to use their senses, particularly taste and smell, to assess the quality of olive oil. They are knowledgeable about the production and processing of olive oil and the different types of olives used to make it. They can also guide properly storing and using olive oil to get the best flavor and nutritional benefits.

Becoming an olive oil sommelier requires specialized training and certification from organizations such as the Olive Oil Times Education Lab. The training typically includes coursework on olive oil production, sensory evaluation, and tasting techniques. After completing the training and passing a certification test, an olive oil sommelier can apply their expertise in various industries, including production, distribution and retail, hospitality and culinary arts.

London, 2020